4 Reasons to Ditch the Cardio Machine for a Varied Workout Routine

When most people go to the gym, they spend the majority of their time on a single machine, usually a cross-trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, or treadmill. Using those machines can certainly improve your health, but you should really think about adopting a varied workout routine. Exercise revolutions such as CrossFit have developed workout routines which involve multiple different exercises, so you're never doing the same thing for more than a minute or two. [Read More]

Increasing Your Personal Training Client Base

Becoming a personal trainer is a fantastic career choice as it provides you with the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Assuming you've got your certificate you'll want to recruit as many clients as possible in order to make it a viable job. Simply turning up to work in a commercial gym isn't enough; you need to demonstrate to potential clients that you have the knowledge and passion to help them. [Read More]

The Secret to Keeping Your Marathon Training on Track While Injured

You might think that an injury to your knee, foot or ankle would put an end to your marathon training. However, it is possible for runners to keep their training on track while allowing the injury to heal. Pool running, which is also sometimes known as aqua jogging, is a good way to train when you need to keep the weight off your feet. Get the Go-Ahead From Your Physio [Read More]

3 Important Reasons to Take a Shower After Your Next Gym Session

There are plenty of reasons people skip out on a shower after their workout. They might not feel like they have the time, or it could just be that public shower rooms are a little intimidating, especially when you're sharing with the type of guy or girl who looks like they've never eaten a carb and train 24/7. Be that as it may, the benefits of showering after a tough workout are numerous, covering everything from your smell to your health to your recovery process. [Read More]