Increasing Your Personal Training Client Base

Becoming a personal trainer is a fantastic career choice as it provides you with the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Assuming you've got your certificate you'll want to recruit as many clients as possible in order to make it a viable job. Simply turning up to work in a commercial gym isn't enough; you need to demonstrate to potential clients that you have the knowledge and passion to help them.

Fitness Classes

What better way to meet potential clients than to run various club fitness classes, not only does it allow you to demonstrate your creativity, you can also plug your own fitness services at the end of the workout when talking to gym members. It's an easy way to build rapport with people and show that you are both knowledgeable and approachable. Always try to keep a few business cards on hand just in case someone asks for one.

Get Qualified

Whilst getting your initial qualifications is great, you want to be able to continually develop as personal trainer throughout your career. Updating your skills with new and innovative training techniques will demonstrate your overall interest in fitness, and will pull you away from resorting to resistance and cardio machine programmes, which can get tedious at times. However be sure to research any course that you are thinking of going on, as some may not be affiliated with recognised governing bodies such as ICREPS, and may lack in quality and content. Try to pick a course that balances cost and quality, which also provides you with work booklets and reading material. That way you'll be able to revise any material you learn and reduce skill fade over time. Hot courses to consider are kettlebells, spinning, bootcamps and Bulgarian bag training. 

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool that will allow you to reach multiple members at the touch of a button. If your club has a social media page, don't be afraid to post pictures of your clients training (if they grant you permission to do so), present tasty meals you have created or create an 'Exercise of the Day' post. It can break up the monotony of some people's training programme, and may encourage them to come over and ask for advice when you're walking around the gym. 

Train During Peak Times

If possible, try to train during peak times. Again you'll be presenting yourself to gym members and can demonstrate your technique and approach to training. Just be sure to smile and look like you're enjoying every second and take the time to talk to people if they start chatting to you.