How to Rehabilitate Your Knee Following an Injury

As you get older, your body is not as capable as it once was and, unfortunately, becomes more prone to injury. This seems to be especially the situation with certain parts of the body, and the knee, in particular, is a case in point. If you've recently picked up a significant injury here but want to get back to normal as soon as possible, what type of rehabilitation should you consider?

Targeted Plan

When you injured your knee, the medical professional who treated you may have described how it all works and what happened in your case. You will have seen how complex the knee is and how it relies on ligaments and tendons, which can sometimes be torn or damaged due to an unusual movement. Your rehabilitation work will, of course, depend on the exact nature of the injury, but it will typically focus on a few different areas.

Stretching and Range of Motion

To begin with, you will need to gradually improve your range of motion, and this is typically achieved through a process of stretching. Static stretching is quite familiar and should be a starting point, but you may need to move on to something a little more challenging, such as dynamic stretching or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This latter technique will involve the input of another person who can help to create some opposing force while you try and tense the affected area.

Weight Control

If you are carrying more weight than you should be, try to reduce it as much as possible, given the fact that you now have limited mobility. The less weight that you have to carry, after all, the sooner that your knee will get back to normal, as long as you rehabilitate it properly in the first place.

Improving Strength

You will also need to focus on improving strength in that area by gradually and carefully introducing more resistance. This will need to be approached slowly and you will need to use certain exercises that are designed to strengthen the affected area without risking any further damage.

General Condition

Your rehabilitation expert may also advise you to work on other parts of the body that can help take some of the strain off the knee itself. In this case, stronger hips can create more stability in the knee area, and you may want to focus on beefing up those glutes.

Working with the Experts

Whatever you do, you will want to avoid exacerbating the injury and will need to work with a rehabilitation expert in order to come up with the best approach. To learn more about knee injury rehabilitation, contact a physical therapy clinic in your area.